Prompt Market Insights and Analysis

Tired of searching, browsing, and putting data together?

Stay ahead of your competitors with prompt, real-time, and custom updates about the stock market, indexes, sectors, and more from the terminal. With i8 terminal you would be able to get:

  • Customizable insights for different securities
  • Current and historical price data, financials, metrics, and indicators
  • Fresh, relevant, and personalized news
  • Comparison of securities using the standard or your own metrics
Covered Companies
Metrics and Indicators

Custom Charting, Reporting, and Visualizations

  • Get the output tailored to your need, either in the terminal itself, as interactive charts or tables, as Excel sheets, in your browser, as PDF, image and more.
Interactive Chart
  • Save and manage your reports and visualizations and share them in your social media, in your blog, article or your own archive.

Powerful and Customizable Screening

Screening the stock market to find the right securiteis at the right moment is superb with i8 Terminal. You can:

  • Query the market and find stocks that meet your criteria
  • Create watchlists and get custom reports for your favorite companies
  • Get alerted when your screening criteria is met

Easy-to-Use and Extendable

i8 Terminal is easy-to-use and you can always extend it based on your needs:

  • Get the terminal app up and running by a few clicks.
  • No need to remember the commands.
    Our modern auto-completer and command inference framework helps you to seamlessly get what you want
  • Not happy with the standard commands?
    Browse and use the community-built commands, or implement your own command with Python and extend your command base.

Backed by the Investoreight Platform

i8 Terminal is more than command-line! It's powered by the growing investoreight platform. You can:

  • Get more insights from the Investoreight platform, when terminal is not sufficient for you.
  • Manage your plots, commands, preferences, and watchlists on the Investoreight platform.

Install i8 Terminal Now

Currently, i8 Terminal can be installed as executable on Windows or with Python pip. Choose the option that is right for you.

Pricing and Plans

Get instant access by choosing one of our plans below. Cancel Anytime.

  • Free Edition

    $00.00 / Mo

    Sign Up to Unlock

  • Full Access to Selected Stocks (DOW 30)
  • Fully integrated with the Investoreight Platform
  • Exclusive Metrics and Indicators
  • Unlimited Watchlists
  • Technical Documetation
  • Personal Edition

    ONLY $1.95 * / Mo

    $19.95 / Mo

  • All Free Edition Features, Plus:

  • Full Access to All Stocks
  • Custom Commands and Metrics
  • Extended Exporting and Sharing Functionalities
  • Email Support
  • * Beta version discount for a limited period
  • Business Edition


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  • All Personal Edition Features, Plus:

  • Licensing for Business Use
  • Dedicated Installation
  • Custom Data Integration
  • Technical Training
  • Priority Support

Overview of Commands

See below the expanding overview of i8 Terminal commands with an indication of their output/export possibilities. For more details, check our technical documentation.

i8 Terminal Sample Commands

Latest News / Blog Posts

i8 Terminal is Now Open-Sourced!

  • 10 June, 2022

We are proud to annouce that i8 Terminal is open-sourced and the source code is publicly available in GitHub. Learn more about it in this post.

How to Be a Successful Trader in 2022?

  • 26 June, 2022

Predicting the stock market and becoming a successful trader is not as easy. It requires knowledge, access to all kinds of data, systematic analysis, and proper tools and technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which platforms are supported?

i8 Terminal can be used on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. For Windows users we have a binary installer that installs the tool and its dependencies conveniently. For the other platforms i8 Terminal can be installed using Python pip. Check our documentation for more details. We are also working to provide binary installer for Mac OS users.

i8 Terminal is build on top of the investoreight Core API SDK, where the market data is provided. The investoreight platform itself source the price and market data primarily from Intrinio.

We are proud to say that i8 Terminal is now open-sourced and is accessible in GitHub. We love open-source and strive to make our solutions easy-to-use, accessible, and open to the community. We welcome your contribution! Check our source code and documentation and feel free to open a Pull Request!

You can download the tool right away and start it by `i8 login` command. You will be redirected to the investoreight website where you can Sign Up or Sing In (if you already have an investoreight account). You would then be able to run i8 terminal commands.