i8 Terminal is Now Open Sourced

Learn more about our open source solution

  • 10 June, 2020
i8 Terminal GitHub

We are proud to announce that i8 Terminal is now open-sourced and accessible in GitHub. We are excited to get feedback and contributions from the community and to be a true open solution for market research.

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i8 Terminal is a Python-based market research solution that empowers users with a powerful interface: command-line. We envision an environment that researcher can query, access, and analyze the market with a few simple commands.

i8 Terminal is fully integrated to the Investoreight platform, where users can further analyze, manage and enrich their research. I8 Terminal is primarily built on top of the Investoreight core API where market data is provided.

If you are not familiar with i8 terminal watch the following video with a demo of some useful commands and follow our documentation to learn more about them.

How to Install, Customize Commands, and Contribute?

To install i8 terminal the easiest and our recommended method is to install it through pip. Check our instruction here.

We will soon publish a new documentation on how you can contribute or customize the standard commands. Stay tuned and feel free to email us at info@investoreight.com if you are keen to learn more about our solution, the features, and our roadmap.